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Monselice History

Monselice offers itself as an ideal destination for a leisurely stroll to discover the medieval atmosphere that is still intact in one of the largest walled cities in the Euganean territory. Camp Fair is the starting point to look at the traces of the imposing fortifications that descend from the Colle della Rocca. Costeggiamo via Argine Destro ed incontriamo il giardino e

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Monselice Data Info

Monselice (PD) Surface analytical data: 50,53 Population: 17.616. People: Monselice. Location and surroundings: Oddo Ca, Carmine, Marendole, Monticelli, San Bortolo, San Cosma, St. James, San Martino, Tower. Patron Saint: San Sabino, All Saints, 1 – 2 November. Cap: 35043. Dati geografici di riferimento Latitudine 45°14’35″ N, Longitudinal 11 ° 45’0″ It. Height 9 m s.l.m.…