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Abano Terme History

Sacre and Beneficial Thermal Waters Montegrotto Terme is one of the oldest towns of the territory euganeo, known since the seventh century. a. C. as a sacred place dedicated to the worship of the thermal. The Venetians were the first discovered the healing properties of the thermal, creating a sacral center dedicated to the God Aponus between the two hills (today…

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Abano Terme Data Info

Abano Terme (PD) Analytics Area: 15,25 Population: 11.181. People: cobblestones. Location and surroundings: Mezzavia, Turri. Patron Saint: St. Peter the Apostle, 29 June. Cap: 35030. Geographic data reference Latitude 45 ° 19'56″ N, 11 ° 47'31 longitudinal″ It. Height 11 m s.l.m. Useful Links City of Montegrotto Terme (PD) Piazza Roma, 1 Such. 049 8928711 Pharmacies…