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Le giuggiole dei Colli Euganei

Jujubes of the Euganean Hills

& Nbsp; Jujubes of the Euganean Hills The jujube, fruit plant ornamental higher among 5 and 12 meters, has a wrinkled bark and branches with sharp thorns and leaves of bright green. Blooms in spring with white flowers and prefers temperate climates, but do not fear the cold, or periods of drought.…

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Medicinal plants

The nature, although unfortunately severely mistreated by the most "diverse insults", still offers us good things. In spring, the meadows and the undergrowth continue to flourish, we may collect (always choosing the most possible places less polluted) edible wild herbs and especially as they did the "old grannies" in the past, good herbal health, the…

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Here comes the Easter Goodness of Monselice

Here come the Goodness of Pasquali Arquà Petrarca Colombina's Bakery Products and Specialties of Rebeccato typical of the Euganean Hills Le Colombe's Bakery Rebeccato are prepared by expert hands, using only natural ingredients and genuine. Come and experience the Columbine Euganean Hills! Info Bakery Rebeccato Piazza Francesco Petrarca, 4 35032 Tel Arquà Petrarca. 0429 –…

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Coeghin with Mashed

A table with Tradition Coeghin with Mashed The first frosts of winter style for the season of excellence pork… Extraordinary resource for the many peasant families who were in this animal the feast of the court and of the palate! Typical flow of the parties is still the Cotechino or Zampino: minced meat of pork fat…

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Nettle Curiosity and Ancient Remedies

Nettle Curiosity and Ancient Remedies In case of nosebleeds, they used a cotton ball soaked in fresh juice of nettle, introduced into the nose, arresting the epistaxis. Children suffering from nocturnal incontinence, was used to, the evening, of biscuits made with nettle seeds mixed with rye flour, mixed with water…

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Zaetti to Jujube

Zaetti to Giuggiole Bakery Rebeccato I Zaetti to Giuggiole cookies are ancient Venetian tradition… gustosissimi!!! Ingredients Wheat Flour “00″ Yellow Corn Flour Eggs Sugar Butter Raisin Yeast Preparation & nbsp;