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Church of San Sabino

Chiesa di San Sabino Torreglia Al centro di Torreglia Alta, un antico e suggestivo borgo, sorge la chiesa di S. Sabino. Si tratta dell’antica parrocchiale citata per la prima volta in fonti che risalgono all’anno 1077. La chiesa è situata sul piccolo Colle della Mira, facilmente raggiungibile dal centro dell’odierna Torreglia, un luogo da cui

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The Monastery Olivetani

Il Monastero degli Olivetani Il Monte Venda, the highest in the Euganean Hills, is known for the ruins of an ancient monastery, said "Olivetani", which is found at high altitude, on the eastern side of the mountain. This interesting testimony, survived the weather and the passage of time, brings us back to the Middle Ages, quando non

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Oratory of the Holy Trinity of Pernumia

Oratorio delle Santissima Trinità di Pernumia Uscendo dal centro di Pernumia si incontra l’Oratorio delle Santissima Trinità, once the hospital with adjoining chapel. The position so strange, outside the village is due to the fact that there was a very busy road as it led to Conselve (Head of the Forest). Essa era posizionata fra la via romana tra

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The Sanctuary of Monteortone

& Nbsp; The Sanctuary of Monteortone & nbsp; The Sanctuary of Monteortone: The Sanctuary of the Madonna della Salute Monteortone rises on the slopes of a hill on the outskirts of Abano Terme. Tradition has it that in the 1428 to a soldier named Peter Falco, Our Lady appeared here, promising the healing of old wounds of war in the legs,…

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The Convent of Santa Margherita

The Convent of Santa Margherita Salarola is a small hill located north-east of the town of Calaone, of the municipality of Baone, in the saddle between Mount Castle and the highest mountain Cero. In the twelfth and thirteenth centuries these two surveys hosted on their top two castles, the first was a secondary residence of the Marquis…

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Saint Anthony the Abbot Covolo

Saint Anthony the Abbot Covolo the slopes of Mount Madonna, in the locality Trespole, there is a church dedicated to St. Anthony the Abbot, founder of Eastern monasticism old, lived in Egypt in the fourth century and soon revered as the patron saint of farmers and protector of pets. Here once stood a monastery of which the church with…