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Saint Anthony the Abbot Covolo

Sant’Antonio Abate del Covolo Alle pendici del Monte della Madonna, in the locality Trespole, there is a church dedicated to St. Anthony the Abbot, founder of Eastern monasticism old, lived in Egypt in the fourth century and soon revered as the patron saint of farmers and protector of pets. Qui sorgeva un tempo un monastero di cui la chiesa con

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Church of St. Blaise

Chiesetta di san Biagio Castelnuovo di Teolo Il primo documento relativo alla Chiesa di San Biagio di Villa del Bosco risale al 1172: it is a decree by which the bishop of Padua Gerardo Offreducci the 20 February Praglia donated to the Monastery of the Church of San Biagio concedendolo, also, il diritto del fonte.

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Cloister of the Salesians Monteortone

Chiostro dei Salesiani Il Chiostro dei Salesiani fa parte dell’Hotel San Marco che originariamente era il cinquecentesco convento degli Eremitani di S. Augustine the Blessed Virgin Mary of Monteortone. The cloister is decorated with an artistic wellhead tank-formed from a single piece of marble dated 1589, by a portal of the Renaissance 1605 proveniente da

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Chiesa San Sabino

Chiesa San Sabino Torreglia La storia di questa chiesa inizia nel 1212 when it was built on the Hill of Mira, probably by overcoming the ruins of an ancient fort of Torreglia. In the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries it was rebuilt, restored and enlarged many times thanks to the contribution of Jacopo Facciolati, sempre molto legato al suo paese

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The Church of St. John the Baptist

La Chiesa San Giovanni Battista Dedicata a San Giovanni Battista, was rebuilt at the end of 1400 by the Benedictine monks on the site of an earlier church. Remodeled several times, now presents itself in the form neoclassical, with valuable altars and paintings inside. Rovolon – Carbonara

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The Parish Church of Rovolon

La Chiesa Parrocchiale di Rovolon Dedicata a San Giorgio, the church is documented in the 1077, but the origins may go up again to re-VII – VIII Secolo. Methane restored nineteenth secolo, is distinguished by its compact size flanked by the bell tower and the beautiful frescoes in the apse of the end of the fifteenth century. Rovolon