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Ristorante Pizzeria S. Eusebio

Ristorante Pizzeria S. Via Eusebio Diana 20 35030 Valsanzibio, Galzignano T. Such. 049 913 1564 Under new management since 9 November 2013 the premises situated in the center of Valsanzibio. Specialty fish. Always open!  

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Restaurant Antica Trattoria Ballotta

ANTIQUE DINING RESTAURANT BALLOTTA Street Carromatto, 2 35038 Torreglia (Padua) Such. 049 – 5212970 Kitchen Menu Km Zero, Grilled polenta with sausage and radicchio salad with balsamic vinegar, Pasta e fagioli alla Veneta, Pork sausage with mashed potatoes, salsa verde and Cren, Pear and chocolate tart.

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The greengrocer

THE Frutteria Via Abano, 138 35038 Torreglia (Padua) Such. 049 – 5212625 kitchen adheres to the Project "Kilometer Zero" utilizzado local products (wine, oil, cold cuts, cheese, meat, milk, fruit, vegetables and flowers) for the environment and the enhancement of the Euganean Hills, and Veneto.

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Speak Easy

Speak Easy Republic Square, 4 35031 Abano Terme (Padua) Such. 049 – 667446 Ristorante, Bar Discobar, Pizzeria