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Bar Restaurant Pizzeria Bacchanal

Bacchanal Restaurant Bar Pizzeria Piazza Della Libertà, 21 35041 Battaglia Terme (Padua) Such. 049 – 525178 Bacchanal opens new horizons to the concept of bar, restaurant and pizzeria! Music by us, events and design come together with a taste for fresh and healthy food, from breakfast to supper. Closed on Monday.

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Hotel Pizzeria Restaurant at the Cathay

Pizzeria Restaurant at the Cathay Hotel Via Galzignana, 16 35041 Battaglia Terme (Padua) Such. 049 – 9100801 accommodation rooms are spacious with terrace, equipped with air conditioning, TV, bath / shower, telephone and Wi-Fi.

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Central Restaurant

Trattoria Centrale Via A. Time, 5 Battaglia Terme Tel. 049-525069 Typical kitchen Veneta Breakfast – Lunch – Dinner – Takeaway lunches from Monday to Saturday at € 11 Specialty Musso, Trippe and salt cod fish dinners on reservation Spuncetteria Happy Hour Bar & nbsp;