Living and Discovering the Euganean

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Living in Montegrotto Festival

Saturday 30 Agosto Vivere Galzignano in Festa Anfiteatro del Venda Dalle 18.00 Meeting – Bioresistenze A seguire Cena conviviale Ore 21.00 Concerto AGEES info

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Visit Animated Villa Beatrice

Visita Animata a Villa Beatrice Domenica 24 August - pray 15.30 Villa Beatrice – Monte Gemola Baone Visita Animata con TEATRORTAET Le Visite “animate”® prendono spunto da Beatrice D’Este, by stories of faith and holiness, but also from the ancient street of the troubadours and the thirteenth-century poetry. The stories intersect with the history of the Este family that,…