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castello san martino

Waters of the Middle Ages to the Castle of San Martino 26 October

Waters of the Middle Ages: land and power in the territories of Cervarese S. Croce Domenica 26 ottobre Castello di S. Martino Cervarese S. Croce Domenica 26 October, the Company Wyvern, Association of medieval reenactment and experimental archeology, awaits you at Castle S. Martino to discover the historical and cultural traditions of our country during the Middle Ages!…

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Chestnut Autumn in Montegrotto 26 October

Castagnata d’Autunno a Montegrotto Domenica 26 Ottobre   Manifestazione organizzata dalla Pro Loco, takes place in Corso Terme involves the cooperation of the traders in the area. The event celebrates the autumn season and the products of, provides entertainment for adults and children.   Mercatino, animations and chestnuts for all!   Viale Stazione Montegrotto Terme

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Visit the Villa Emo Capodilista Domenica 26 October

Visita con Alicorno Villa Emo Capodilista alla Montecchia Selvazzano (PD) Sunday 26 Ottobre Visita alla meravigliosa dimora cinquecentesca ideata del pittore e architetto Dario Varotari, pupil of Paolo Veronese. In the lodges and in the dining rooms you can admire frescoes subject to rural, che rimandano al meraviglioso paesaggio collinare circostante e al curatissimo giardino all’italiana

Escursione al chiaro di luna: Passeggiando per Carbonara 0 0

Hike in the moonlight: Walking Carbonara

Escursione al chiaro di luna PASSEGGIANDO PER CARBONARA Sabato 11 October - hours 21.00 Guided hike in the shadow of Mount Madonna through a territory that man has well shaped over time and mostly planted with vines. We will walk along dirt roads, some old mule track and some sections of secondary roads, the discovery of ancient buildings,…

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My Wellness Day 26 October to Baone

My Wellness Day con MyWellnessRoutine Domenica 26 Ottobre Presso L’Azienda Agricola Le Volpi a Baone Programma ore 10.00 Lezione Speciale di Pilates e Ginnastica Organica. I created this particular lesson only for MY WELLNESS DAY, in addition to working on the spine and the muscles exercises with highly targeted, stimoleremo, with the movement, the excretory organs…