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Hospitable montegrotto 2014

    Montegrotto Ospitale 2014 from 7 August 20 September 2014 Montegrotto Terme L’estate 2014 a Montegrotto Terme è ricchissima di eventi con Montegrotto Ospitale 2014: music. culture, terme e benessere. ARMONIE CLASSICHE con l’ASSOCIAZIONE ARTES: Thursday 7 and 21 August and Sabato 20 Settembre FEEL GOOD FESTIVAL: from Thursday 28 a sabato 30

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Hiking in the Euganean Hills with Ass. Alicorno Estate 2014

      LUGLIO 6 THE FLAT Marcesina AND THE CANYON IN VAL Frenzela (Mountain trip with naturalistic excursion) 12-13 DRAW Sulle Dolomiti (Weekend with an overnight stay in a mountain hut) 26 PATHS & ESTATE OF Delizie (Night excursion with dinner in the Euganean Hills farm) AUGUST 14 WAITING FOR AUGUST (Escursione notturna sui Colli Euganei con cena