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Area di Filtrodepurazione a Monselice gestita dal Gruppo Micologico

  L’Area di Filtrodepurazione a Monselice verrà gestita dal Gruppo Micologico Naturalistico Culturale di Monselice! Splendida area umida di circa 6 ha, utilizza le piante per ripulire ulteriormente le acque che escono dal depuratore, ed ha come finalità la riduzione di azoto e fosforo responsabili dell’incremento delle alghe nella laguna di Venezia, ma in grado

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Lake of the Coast

Il Lago della Costa Arquà Petrarca   Named after the street that runs along the southern flank of Mount Calbarina, extends in a depression surrounded by wooded hills: south of Mount Rich, the mountains to the north and Small Calbarina. Surrounded by a thick border of reeds, sulle sue rive crescono numerosi gruppi di

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Navigation lock

Conca di navigazione Battaglia Terme L’esigenza di aprire una via breve verso il mare, to facilitate the river trade center of which was Battle, is examined in 1900 by the Ministerial Committee chaired by engineer Leo Romanin Jacur that proposes the construction of a basin with three craters. In 1917, l’ingegnere Umberto Lunghini del Genio

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Arco di Mezzo

Arco di Mezzo Battaglia Terme L’Arco di Mezzo è quel manufatto idraulico che, placed at the center of the city, on the east bank of the canal of Battle, regulates the flow of water that sottopassano the 16 state and, after a jump that can vary from four to seven meters, you throw in the bed of Vigenzone. E’

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Biotopo San Daniele

Biotopo San Daniele Il nome del biotopo deriva dal vicino Colle di San Daniele ed è costituito da alcuni stagni artificiali, residue of a system of reservoirs due to the excavation of clay for the production of bricks. The reservoirs are of different depth, some with the riverbed flooded throughout the year, others to partial desiccation summer. L’area

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Waterfall Schivanoia

Cascata Schivanoia Calto ConteaTeolo Il modesto salto d’acqua, moss and small stream create a very unique, not at all usual in the Euganean Hills. Along the Calto County at the former mill Schivanoia between Castelnuovo and Teolo, you can see one of the most picturesque views of the Euganean Hills. Un filone strato* ha