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Monte Orsara

Monte Orsara an important geotope Euganean Hills volcanic chimneys Among the many complex geological phenomena present in the Euganean Hills, an important meaning is to be attributed to the numerous volcanic chimneys, testifying as volcanism euganeo was also characterized by intense explosive activity. The volcanic chimneys, also called diatremi and necks (neck…

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Geomorphology Monte di Merlo

Monte Merlo Un importante giacimento di Trachite pregiata Monte Merlo è un piccolo colle a pianta grossomodo ellittica, situated in the north east of the Euganean Hills. Presents two maxima, respectively 80 and 105 m. It is widely surrounded by flood plain, che solo nel lato meridionale si restringe in uno stretto braccio che lo separa

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La Rocca is an obelisk of Red Hot Lava

La Rocca un obelisco di Lava Rovente Fin dall’inizio della geologia moderna, around the middle of the eighteenth century, The Euganean Hills are well known to geologists for the wide variety of eruptive phenomena which manifest. The volcanic origin of the Hills is evidenced by the conical shape of the major findings and acute, calling one of the volcanoes, sia pure privi

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Thermal events in the Euganean Hills

Thermal events in the Euganean Hills The thermo-mineral waters gushing at the edge, especially the Eastern, the group of hills euganeo are known and appreciated for their therapeutic properties since Roman times; currently constitute an important economic resource for the towns of Abano Terme, Abano Terme, Battaglia Terme and Montegrotto Terme, where have arisen and thrive impressive complex…

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Geology of Mont Alto

Gems in the Euganean Hills Geology of Monte Alto Famously, at least for scholars and lovers of geology, the Euganean differ from the regional geological context - Prealps, Monti Lessinian and Berici - for the volcanic rock formations originated by the eruption of lava acid in the underwater environment 33/35 million years before present. The…

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The Extractive activities in the Euganean Hills

Mining activity in the Euganean Hills Retrieved from FRANCO COLOMBARA, Stones and marbles of the Veneto. The peak of activity of lithoids (trachyte cutting, rubble, limestone) in the Euganean Hills was hit in the 60s; in 1966 were a total of sixty active quarries and already some 130 were discontinued. The environmental impact, of enormous proportions, ha determinato