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The Exhibition of the DOC and DOCG Wines of the Euganean Hills

La Mostra dei Vini DOC e DOCG dei Colli Euganei Il territorio di Luvigliano, with its hillsides mild climate, Esposto this ad, rich in vineyards, of art and history, is at the epicenter of a great and exciting event of taste: la Mostra dei Vini D.O.C. and D.O.C.G. Euganean Hills. La 45a

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History and facts of the wines of the Euganean Hills

The age-old tradition of viticulture in the Euganean Hills from antiquity to the present day. & Nbsp; History and facts of the wines of the Euganean Hills: The Euganean Hills, appear as a privileged area where you can discover traces of ancient viticulture, U.S. dollar thanks to a secluded, which helped to maintain the integrity of some features native grapes grown in this area. An example is…

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The Grape Festival Vo’

Vo 'Euganeo is a small village nestled in an enchanting environment, of woods and slopes, hills and vineyards, in which the presence of important architectural and artistic works makes this area even more full of cultural and historical values. Vo’ è il centro più importante da un punto di vista enologico e viticolo

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The grapes of the Euganean Hills

L’uva dei Colli Euganei Ua, graspo, uéta L’uva è l’infruttescenza dell’albero della Vitis vinifera, known since Neolithic times, and in our territory since ancient times. The fruit is a cluster, composed of a stalk and by many acini of circular shape formed by pulp, semi e buccia di colore dal verde-giallastro al giallo dorato

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Antichi Reassi

Antichi Reassi Vino riscoperto e prodotto da un antico vitigno autoctono dei Colli Euganei la cui particolarità del nome deriva dal terreno franoso, in dialect called "reassi". It has a rich bouquet of floral scents such as acacia, the chestnut flowers and jasmine, surrounded by notes of ripe pear and pineapple. Il palato tipicamente acidulo e

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Vin Bastard: the native

Vin Bastard born in order to reassess the ancient grape varieties grown in our area, that have been recovered from old collections, choices through mass selection and ripropagate. The result is a typical wine, frank, light, simple and unique. The name comes from the most important percentage, Marzemina the big bastard, volgarmente chiamata anche