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Antica Trattoria in the cockpit

Antica Trattoria Via cockpit to cockpit, 64 35030 Rovolon (Padua) Such. 049 – 9915395 The restaurant offers traditional dishes, lasagna with porcini mushrooms, pappardelle with rabbit sauce, sliced ​​breast of duck with citrus, Guinea fowl stuffed with. Closed Monday evening and Tuesday.

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Mushroom ink

COPRINUS ATRAMETARIUS N.V. Fungo dell’inchiostro Cappello: 4-8 cm. in diameter, 4-10 cm. tall, conical, ovoid, campanulato, dry, con umbone più o meno evidente, all stripes, wrinkled, dandruff and satin, whitish, ash-gray, silvery, covered with fine squamette, darker in the middle, open margin, irregular, which soon becomes black crack radially and. Gills:…

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Refuge Restaurant Monte Rua

RISTORANTE RIFUGIO MONTE RUA Via Monte Rua, 31 35038 Torreglia (Padua) Such. 049 – 5211049 Cucina Trittico d’ Oca ( Salame, Cut and Goose in Porchetta ) on a bed of Savoy cabbage, Buckwheat Noodles with chicory and Goose, Pignatto goose cooked on Soapstone Pot at Fior d'Arancio, Focaccia with Figs, Noci