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Amanita vittadinii

AMANITA VITTADINII sinonim : Aspidella Nationals Hat: da 6-15 (20) cm. initially globose, hemispherical, convex, then smoothed, with the rounded edge towards the interior, the cuticle is separable, off-white, the whole surface is dotted with warts, Raised, arranged concentrically, more or less regular, white top, then at maturity brownish. Gills: very dense, old,…

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Squamanita schreieri

SQUAMANITA SCHREIERI Hat: conical-hemispherical then opened, reddish yellow, completely covered with silky brown-ocher, margin striated, hairy edge. Gills: White, fit, adnate with small tooth. Gambo: 6-10×1,5-3 cm. Short and stubby yellow ocher path by fibrils, concolorous with the cap. The ring comes in the form of very obvious red curtain, the…

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Limacella guttata

LIMACELLA guttata Synonyms: Limacella lenticularis Hat: 6-10 cm. in diameter, hemispherical, soon taper off, then smoothed with a slightly pronounced umbo, the color varies from creamy white to pale pink, darker in the middle, smooth cuticle, sticky with moisture, removable. Gills: free from the stem, very dense, whitish. Gambo:10-15(17) x 1-1,5 cm. cylindrical, con base bulbosa, …

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Lepiota clypeolaria

LEPIOTA CLYPEOLARIA Sinonimi: Lepiota colubrina Cappello: da 4 a 8 cm. ovate, campanulato, convex, with umbo in the center of ocher-colored, always present, dry cuticle, tutta rivestita da piccoli granuli che con l’età si dissociano in minute squamette concentriche di color ocra arancio, forming a geometric design perfect, thicker at the center, rade end, facendo

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Crested Lepiota

LEPIOTA CRISTATA Sinonimi : Agaricus cristatus N.V. Lepiota crestata Cappello: 3-5 cm. conical campanulate, then opened, with a typical boss very pronounced, of ocher, dark brown, Textured cuticle which dissociates in many squamette, sparser at the margin, very thick at the center, of red ocher, brown flesh, on white background, slim margin, frangiato

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Lepiota lilacea

Lepiota LILACEA sinonim: Lepiotula lilacea Hat: 1,5 – 3,5 cm diameter, initially convex campanulate, then opened and raised well in umbo, cuticle covered with small scales concentric radially forming a geometric pattern very characteristic color of brown-ocher-pink-meaty, much more sparse towards the edge, where a glimpse of the white flesh underneath, the…